Wednesday 27 May 2009

Today we are exhibiting over 20 local artists' works, with permanent exhibitions of Ulrika Jarl's bone china pieces inspired by natural forms and structures; Harriet Butler's quirky etchings; Angie-Meaden Bonnel's unique gold and white ink drawings; and Miranda Swift’s kiln-formed glass pieces.
I think we should start with a quick introduction to Bellis Gallery. We opened in November 2007 with a successful, yet modest exhibition. Brighton-based artists including Kate Osborne and Harriet Butler were the main exhibitors alongside a collection of individually designed and sourced products ranging from panayoti pots, lacquered bamboo and raku vases, and beautiful handmade jewellery.
After having been asked on so many occasions 'do you have a website?' by customers, artists and visitors we have finally cottoned on to the blog scene!